How to Add a Voiceover to Google Slides

When using the Google Slides desktop application, you can make use of a feature that allows you to include audio. Nonetheless, the audio file must have been previously recorded because the ability to insert audio, rather than record it, is limited. Additionally, the audio file must be saved in your Google Drive as an.mp3 or.wav file. Read How to Record Audio on a PC if you want to learn more about recording sounds directly from your computer’s speakers. 


1. Open your project in Google Slides and make any necessary adjustments. If you have Google Drive sync enabled on your computer, you can open the file directly from your computer, or you can go to to view it online. in which you want to include voiceover, and double-click the presentation you want to include voiceover in

Because Google Slides is a desktop web application, this method will work on computers running both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

2. Navigate to the slide on which you want to include audio. To navigate through your slides, you can use the panel on the left side of the window on the left side of the window.

3. Select the Insert tab from the drop-down menu. You’ll find it in the horizontal menu above the document, next to the options File, Edit, and View, among other things.

4. Click Audio. You’ll find this next to an icon of a speaker near the top of the drop-down menu.

5. Select the audio file you want to use by navigating to it and clicking on it. You’ll only see audio files that have been saved as.mp3 or.wav files, not any other types.

If you’re not sure how to save your audio file to Google Drive, consult the instructions here.

6. Select the option from the drop-down menu. If you’re using the file browser, you’ll find this blue button in the bottom left corner.

You’ll notice a speaker icon next to the slide to which you’ve added audio.

Whenever you have the speaker icon selected in your slides, you’ll have the option to click Format Options. By clicking this button, you’ll be able to change the default settings for the audio file while you’re editing your slides. You have the option of having the audio start automatically when the slide appears or having it loop continuously throughout the time the slide is displayed on the screen.

You’ll be able to listen to the audio in your Google Slide presentation while it’s in presentation mode, either by clicking on the speaker icon or by starting it automatically, depending on the options you’ve selected in “Format Options.”

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