How to Use the Apple Translate App

Apple Translate is a brand-new feature included with iOS 14. It allows you to translate from one language to another. Apple Translate currently supports 11 languages. You can also save translations to your favourites. This emindsca teaches you how to use Apple Translate for iOS 14 on your iPhone or iPad.

Method 1 Using the Translate App

1. To access the Spotlight, swipe down in the centre of your screen. If you do a short swipe down in the centre of your Home screen, the Spotlight search bar will appear at the top of the screen.

To display the Spotlight Search bar on some older iPhone models, you may need to swipe down and then to the right.

2. Type Translate in the search bar and tap Go. This will search for the Translate app on your iPhone.

On some iPhone models, the keyboard displays “Search” instead of “Go.”

3. Start the Translate app. The Translate app has a globe-shaped icon with a “A” on one side and a “” character on the other. Open Apple Translate by tapping the icon.

4. Tap Translate. It’s at the bottom of the screen in the lower-left corner. This ensures you are in translate mode.

5. In the upper-left corner, tap the box. This box displays the language from which you want to translate. Tap this box to add a new language.

6. Tap Done after selecting the language from which you are translating. To select the language from which you are translating, tap one of the languages listed below “All Languages.” Then, in the upper-right corner, tap Done. Apple Translate currently supports the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

To download a language for offline use, scroll down to “Available Offline Languages” and tap the icon with an arrow pointing down to the right.

You can also use the toggle switch next to “Automatic Detection” at the bottom of the list to detect which languages are being spoken automatically.

7. Tap the box in the upper-right corner. This box allows you to select the language you are translating to.

8. Tap Done after selecting the language you want to translate to. Tap one of the 11 supported languages listed below “All Languages” to choose a language to translate to.

9. Enter the text to be translated. Tap “Enter text” to enter the text to be translated. Then, using the on-screen keyboard, enter the text to be translated. Then press the Go button. The original text is displayed in the top box, and the translated text is displayed in the bottom box.

Alternatively, you can speak by tapping the microphone icon at the bottom of the screen.

If you tap individual words in the translated text, you will be able to view the definitions in the dictionary.

If you need to change or correct any of the text, you can edit it by tapping the text in the box at the top.

10. Tap the Play icon. If you tap the Play triangle icon below the translated text, you can hear the translation dictated. This lets you hear how it’s pronounced.

11. Tap the Star icon to the right of the translation. This will add the translation to your favourites list. If you intend to use this translation frequently, save it to your favourites so that you can find it quickly in the future.

You can access your favourites by tapping Favorites in the Translate app’s lower-right corner.

Method 2 Using Siri

1. To activate Siri, press and hold the Home or side buttons. On older iPhone and iPad models, the Home button is located beneath the screen. To activate Siri on newer iPhone models, press the Side button on the right. Press the top button on newer iPad Pro models. The animated sphere icon at the bottom of the screen indicates that Siri is active.

Before you can use Siri, you must first enable it in the Settings menu under “Search and Siri.”

You can activate Siri by saying “Hey Siri” if you have “Listen for ‘HeySiri'” enabled in the “Search and Siri” menu in Settings.

2. “Please translate for me,” you say. “Sure, translate into which language?” says Siri. The screen will then display a list of languages.

3. Tap the language you want to translate to. Siri will then say “Ok, what would you like to translate?”

4. Speak the phrase to be translated. Siri will then dictate the translation of the phrase you want to translate and display it on the screen.

5. Tap the Play icon.. Tap the Play triangle to the right of the translated text if you want to hear the translation again.

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