How to Use iFruit Radio

As part of The Diamond Casino Heist update, iFruit Radio is a limited track (27 track) radio station available for GTA Online and Grand Theft Auto Story Mode on PS4, Xbox One, and computer. This emindsca teaches you how to download and listen to iFruit Radio in GTA Online and Story Mode.


1. Navigate to the Microsoft Store (Xbox), the PlayStation Store (PlayStation), or the DLC store within the game. If you bought GTA on Steam, you’ll need to use it again to get the DLC.

2. Track down The Diamond Casino Heist DLC. That downloadable content, which includes the ability to listen to iFruit Radio, was released on December 12, 2019.

3. Invest in the DLC. You will have access to the new radio station once the content has been downloaded.

4. Set your radio to channel 21. Once in your car, you can listen to iFruit Radio by tuning to the 21st station (with controls similar to changing your weapons).

PS4 players can change stations by swiping up or down on the TouchPad on their controllers.

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