How to Type a Face on a Computer

Making a computer face can be difficult and time-consuming. Here are some pointers on how to go about it.


1. Start at the top of the page. In the very center, make a row of about 8 dashes.

2. Type two 8’s on the next line, slightly to the left of the row of dashes. Add two more 8’s by pressing the space bar until you’re slightly to the right of the row of dashes.

3. To give the face a curved appearance, add two more 8’s slightly to the left of the previous line and two more slightly to the right on the next line.

4. Continue for a few more lines, depending on how big and round you want your face to be.

5. When your face is as wide as you want it to be, and several more pairs of 8’s directly beneath the previous line. This should take up another 6-7 lines. Add two more 8’s to the row on the outside of the previous two for the ears somewhere in the middle. Rep for the two lines surrounding it.

6. Continue adding pairs of 8’s slightly inside the previous line to finish off the face outline.

7. Above the ears, draw the eyebrows with dashes. On the inside of each eyebrow, add a + to give it a thicker line.

8. Depending on how you want your face to look, the facial features will vary. To make the nose, add columns of | | and finish with a shape similar to ( . . ).

9. Add another pair of | | below the nose, then make the mouth.

10. Add any extra details you want to your face, such as circular eyes.

Method 1 Human Face

/.///\\\.\ girl /. o o .\ / . ^ . \ / . U . \ / ….. \

.////\\\\. boy . o o . . ^ . . U . …..

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