How to Organize Apps on PC or Mac

This emindsca will show you how to organise apps in the Windows Start Menu and the macOS Launchpad.

Method 1 Windows

1. Click the button. It is typically located in the bottom-left corner of the screen. You’ll see a list of tiles that can be grouped together, as well as a list of apps that are installed on your PC.

If there isn’t a list of apps to the left of the tiles, click All Apps to bring it up.

2. Insert a new tile into the Start menu. Tiles can be created for any app on your computer. Here’s how to do it:

Right-click an app to pin it.

To begin, click the Pin button. For the app you’ve added, a new tile will appear.

3. Resize a tile. Tiles are large by default, but you can make them larger or smaller if you’d like. Here’s how:

Right-click the tile.

Click Resize.

Select a size.

4. Group your apps. You can create groups of apps based on your desired criteria and then add tiles to that group. Here’s how:

Click and drag a tile up or down until a divider bar appears.

Release your finger.

Click the divider bar at the top of the group.

Type a name for the group (e.g. Productivity, Art).

Press ↵ Enter.

Drag additional tiles to the group as needed.

5. Reorganize your teams. To relocate a group, click and hold the group’s title, then drag it to a new location.

6. Remove tiles you don’t need. Here’s how:

Right-click the tile.

Click Unpin from Start.

Method 2 macOS

1. Launch the Launchpad application on your Mac. This can be accomplished by pressing the Launchpad key (6 squares in the top row of keys) or by clicking the rocket icon in the dock. You’ll see a screen with icons for many of your Mac’s apps.

If you don’t see an app you’re sure you installed, you may simply need to move it to the Applications folder.

2. Transfer an app to a new location. Click and drag the app icon to the desired position in the Launchpad to rearrange it.

3. Make a folder for the group. It might be beneficial to organise your apps into different folders based on category. Here’s how to do it:

Drag one app icon to the other. This creates a folder containing only these two apps.

To open the folder, click on it.

Click the folder’s name (above the app icons).

Give the folder a new name (e.g. Office, Photography).

Return should be pressed.

To return to the main list of apps, click outside the folder.

Drag and drop additional apps onto the folder icon to add them to the folder.

4. Remove an app from your Launchpad. The app will be removed from your computer as a result of this action. Here’s how to do it:

Launch the Launchpad.

Option can be accessed by pressing and holding the Option key.

To delete an app, click the X next to its icon. If there is no X, it is either a required Mac App or did not come from the App Store. 

Select Delete.

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