How to Mute All in Zoom is a video conferencing software that can be used on both Mac and Windows computers, as well as on mobile devices running Android and iOS. This emindsca will teach you how to mute or unmute the entire Zoom group meeting that you are hosting or co-hosting in this emindsca. If you only want to mute yourself or want to set up Push to Talk, see How to Mute or Unmute on Zoom for more information.


1. Zoom in with your mouse. The desktop programme can be found in the Start Menu or the Applications folder if you’re running it from a computer’s desktop. You’ll find this video camera icon on a light blue background on one of your Home screens, in the app drawer, or by searching if you’re using the mobile app.

On any platform — Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android — you have the ability to mute and unmute all current and joining participants in the meeting.

2. Entering or starting a meeting are both acceptable options. If you’re participating in a meeting that is being hosted by someone else, you’ll need to have co-host capabilities in order to mute the entire meeting session.

3. Select Manage Participants from the drop-down menu. This will be displayed at the top of your screen whether you’re using a Mac or a Windows desktop computer.

Alternatively, if you are using the mobile app, the word “Participants” will appear at the bottom of your screen instead.

4. To mute or unmute all of the speakers, click or tap Mute All or Unmute All. Current and new participants in the meeting will be muted, according to the message you’ll see.

Individuals can unmute themselves by clicking or tapping on the box in this section. Unless they check the appropriate box, they will not be able to unmute themselves.

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