How to Improve Bixby Voice Recognition

Bixby, the virtual assistant, is included with all Samsung smartphones, including the Galaxy and Note series. This emindsca will show you how to improve Bixby’s voice recognition after you’ve enabled it.


1. Give a command or ask a question to Bixby. When you press the Bixby button on your phone, you can ask, “What is the weather?”

2. Click the arrow. When you ask a question or give a command that can be further specified, you’ll see this at the top of your screen.

This arrow will not appear for every command or question you ask Bixby. If you don’t see the arrow, try again with a different question or prompt.

3. Tap the phrase under “What I heard.” This will let you type the correct input.

4. Tap the arrow after entering what you meant to say. This will change the sound input so that Bixby will understand what you’re saying the next time you say it.

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