How to Enable iMessage on PC or Mac

This emindsca will show you how to enable iMessage on a Mac computer. iMessages is a messaging app for Apple devices such as the iPhone and Mac.


1. Create a new window in the Finder. It’s the icon on the far left side of your Mac’s dock that looks like a blue and white smiley face.

2. Click Appications. It’s in the left column of the Finder window.

3. Navigate to the “Messages” app. It’s a blue and white speech bubble app. This brings up the Messages app.

4. Select Messages. It’s at the top of the menu bar.

If there is no Apple ID associated with the Messages app, it may prompt you to sign when it first launches. If so, sign in with your Apple ID’s email address and password and click Sign In.

5. Click Preferences. It’s the second option in the drop-down menu.

6. Click Accounts. It’s the blue icon with a white “@” symbol inside.

7. Select the iMessage account you want to use. To select an account, click its name in the left column.

8. To enable iMessage on your Mac, check the “Enable this account” box.

If no Apple ID is listed in the left column, click the “+” button at the bottom and enter your iMessage account’s email address and password.

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