How to Download Apps Over 200 MB From App Store

If you try to download an app that is larger than 200MB using a mobile network or cellular data, you may receive an error message. This emindsca teaches you how to avoid this problem and download large apps using mobile data.

Method 1 iOS 13

1. Go into Settings on your phone.

2. Find the iTunes & App Store section.

3. Find the settings Mobile Data or Cellular Data. Click on App Downloads.

4. Choose Always Allow.

Method 2 iOS 12 and Older

1. Check that WiFi is turned off. You can disable WiFi in two ways: swipe up and deselect the WiFi icon, or go to Settings > Wi-Fi and make sure the switch is turned off.

2. Download the desired app from the App Store. You will get a notification about the 200MB restriction. Click OK.

3. Go to Settings > General.

4. Open Date & Time settings.

5. Disable the option Set Automatically.

6. Set a new date almost a year forward.

7. Find the app you tried to download and tap it to start downloading.

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