How to Charge a Smart Bp Hr Bracelet

When you purchase a SmartBand 2 or the SmartBand 2 iOS from Sony, you will be able to track your body functions such as blood pressure and heart rate through the SmartBand 2 iOS application. This emindsca will teach you how to charge your SmartBand, which will need to be charged for at least 30 minutes before it can be used.


1. Make sure you have a charger or a charging cable. Even though Sony sells the USB to Micro USB charging cable that is most compatible with the watch, you can probably find a more affordable version at an online retailer.

2. Remove the SmartBand core from the band by pulling it out. The hard-chip centre should be able to slide or pop out of the watch band casing with minimal effort.

3. Connect the Micro USB end of the charger to the port on the SmartBand core to complete the connection. This hole can be found on one of the core’s sides, near the bottom.

4. Connect the USB end of the charger cable to a power adapter or a USB port on a computer to charge the device. To charge your SmartBand, you can use either of the two available power sources.

When it’s charging, an orange light appears to indicate that it’s charging. When the light turns green, the core is operating at 90 percent of its maximum capacity.

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