How to Change File Names in Bulk in Windows

This emindsca teaches you how to change the names of multiple files at once in Windows.


1. Press ⊞ Win+E to open the File Explorer. This displays a list of drives, folders, and files on your computer.

2. Open the folder with the files you want to change.

3. Choose the files. Hold Ctrl while clicking each file to select multiple files at once. You can also draw a box around the files you want to edit if you prefer.

To select all files in a folder, click anywhere in the folder and then press Ctrl+A.

4. Right-click the highlighted files. A context menu will expand.

5. Click Rename. It’s near the bottom of the menu. The names of all of the files are now edible.

6. Enter the name you want to give your files and press Enter. This changes the names of all the files to what you typed, but each subsequent file will end with a number.

If you name the first file Cat.gif, the next file will be Cat(2).gif, then Cat(3).gif, and so on.

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